Thursday, November 6, 2008

TAOJP: Volume 2

Johnny Phenomenal in...

Enter: Fack(!) the Megalomaniac!
"Happy 3012, Johnny Phenomenal", Janet Ultimatum cried happily as she took Johnny Phenomenal in a warm embrace. An embrace is when two or more bodies hold closely together as an act of familiarity or love. An act is usually a work of fiction put on for the entertainment of others.

"Oh, you, too", said a disappointed Johnny. "I just wish I was here to share New Year's Eve with you and the gang."

"Don't worry, Johnny Phenomenal, there's always next year!" Janet said with excitement. Excitement is an emotion Janet Ultimatum uses to seduce boys. “Besides, most of the gang is dead.”

“What?” Johnny shuddered.

“Oh, I’ll explain it all later,” Janet said, fondling the red plastic button on Johnny's belt. A button is a small knob used to keep things closed or, sometimes, to open them. A belt is a long, thin strap used to keep one's pants from falling down.

Johnny became quiet, his eyes slowly moving upward. The sky, or what was left of it in the year 3012, turned black. From the darkness came a red-orange burst, and from that burst came a loud boom, and from that burst and boom appeared an enormous metallic creature falling rapidly to the ground.

"Fuck!" cried Johnny.

“What? What is it?” Janet asked and pulled closer to Johnny.

"Fack! The Megalomaniac!"

The ground shook, and Fack, coming closer, bellowed a thunderous laugh. A laugh is a sound which emanates from a person's mouth to show amusement, but sometimes not.
"Oh, shit, what am I gonna do?!" Johnny cried.
To be continued...
Next time, Johnny takes on the bad guys in..."Wake Up, Johnny Phenomenal, Here Comes Jack(!) the Insomniac!"

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Mark Hampton said...

Cracked me up... "A belt is something used to hold up one's pants."